A microbiologist’s lifelong fascination with the living world

Microbiologist Dr. Andrew Cameron, whose fascination with the living world began at an early age, is using genomics to spot and study variations in the coronavirus.

Shining a light on the lived experience of addiction in Saskatchewan

Social work's Dr. Kara Fletcher is on a mission to humanize the lived experience of those living with substance use disorders.

Fractured: The gap between mental well-being and farming

Psychology master’s student Cynthia Beck is tailoring an internet-delivered cognitive behaviour course to address the particular needs of farmers and those working in agricultural environments.

Writing the book on COVID-19 responses

Psychologist Dr. Gordon Asmundson is tracking emotional and behavioural responses to COVID-19, which change rapidly, just like the science itself.

A studio without walls

This art-based research project is delivered to older adults over the phone helping to combat the social isolation of COVID-19.

Watchdog report into RCMP investigation of Colten Boushie’s death confirms police racism

Years of research show that Indigenous, Black and racialized people experience over-policing but also, under-policing, as was the case with the RCMP investigation into Colten Boushie's death in 2016.

Exploring our solar system

University of Regina astronomer Samantha Lawler created a fun and informative video that explores our solar system.

Let’s talk about sex…positivity

COVID-19 ‘freedom’ rallies actually undermine liberty – here’s why

Dr. James Gacek says the logic behind COVID-19 ‘freedom’ rallies is misguided.

Canada needs a national public transportation system — here’s why

Transportation affects health, inequality, climate, economics, and accessibility.